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Our Story

Increasing, Expanding, and Developing Our Gold Resources. Delivering Dynamic Value.

DynaResource, Inc. is on the threshold of monumental growth. We’ve strategically established the foundation to develop a historically gold-rich district into a World Class Asset while utilizing cash flow from operations to minimize dilution to shareholders.

Now, our expert and insightful management team is charting a course forward to a unique and rewarding future.

Our Business

We’re a junior Gold exploration Company, producing rich gold-silver concentrates and increasing gold resources utilizing cash flows from operations, and positioned for exponential growth.

Our Purpose

To develop a World Class Gold Asset from cash flows, delivering maximum value to shareholders while positively impacting the local and area communities.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy is unique, opportunistic, and forward-looking.  We are writing a new playbook for developing a gold rich World Class Asset by utilizing cash flow from operations.

We offer professional and respectful business and personal relationships. And, in all matters, DynaResource strives to accomplish operational excellence while maximizing shareholder value and achieving a positive impact.

DynaResource is built on a foundation of integrity, honesty, and fairness.

Through careful planning and foresight, applying a unique business strategy, and dedication to success, we have developed a strong foundation and are positioned for explosive growth. Insightful and Strategic Investments in Mines, Equipment, and Plant Facilities have established a strong foundation for long-term success.

We have established respectful and beneficial partnerships with the local community, and we have become an integral and valued part of the daily life at San Jose de Gracia.

Our investment in the SJG community and surrounding areas has provided jobs, improvements in roads and infrastructure, and upgrades to local buildings, businesses, schools, churches, and a hospital.


Our Commitment to Excellence, attention to detail, and passion for success are unsurpassed.

In all matters, DynaResource strives to accomplish operational excellence while maximizing shareholder value and achieving a positive impact.

We aim to add value for everyone we touch, including shareholders, employees, contractors, consultants, and local and area businesses and residents.


KD. Diepholz

DynaResource, Inc.: Chairman of the Board of Directors

Rohan Hazelton

DynaResource, Inc.: Director, Chief Executive Officer, President and Interim Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Jose Vargas Lugo

DynaResource, Inc.: Director

DynaResource de Mexico SA de CV.: Director of Operations

Pedro Ignacio Teran Cruz

DynaResource de Mexico SA de CV.: Retained Consultant for Director of Exploration and

Resource Development

Lic. Jose Santos Ceja Rodriguez

DynaResource de Mexico SA de CV.: General Corporate Counsel

Lic. Namen Tellez Neme

DynaResource de Mexico SA de CV.: Corporate Counsel

Bradford J. Saulter

DynaResource, Inc.: Vice President – Investor Relations

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Key Documents

CND NI 43-101 Technical Report and Resource Estimate included an underground Gold Resource at SJG of 1.150 M Oz.

December 31, 2012;

CND 43-101 Bulk Tonnage Resource Estimate of 1.050M Oz Gold.

March 31, 2023

A. Including Table of Test Mining Tonnage recorded by DynaResource during 2016 – 2022 (Depletion from December 31, 2012, CND NI 43-101);

Drill Hole Summary Files; Highlights of Drill Holes completed at SJG from

2007-November 2023

News Release of SPA and Extension of Commercial Offtake Agreement with Ocean Partners UK Limited;

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