Why DynaResource

A Dynamic, Unique, World Class Gold Story

DynaResource, Inc., is a dynamic emerging junior gold company currently conducting test mining and milling activities, producing rich gold concentrates, and continuing exploration activity, through its 100% owned subsidiary in Mexico, DynaResource de Mexico SA de CV., at DynaMéxico’s wholly owned project – San Jose de Gracia;

Multi-million-ounce gold resource potential. Bonanza gold grades.

Company Snapshot

  • Defining the world-class, multi-million gold ounce potential of 
San Jose de Gracia

    • Including the + 1 million gold ounce potential in near surface bulk tonnage resources;
    • Including the + 1 million gold ounce potential in underground resources;
    • Including bonanza gold grades;
  • Generating +$120 million USD in revenue from $4 million startup in 2016;
  • Increasing test mining and milling volume by 500% since the 
  • Fully diluted 27.5 million shares outstanding;
    • Including industry partner as major shareholder (Ocean Partners UK Limited – who acquired 1 million shares of DynaResource, Inc. for $5 million USD in August, 2023)

Our Vision for the Future

DynaResource is strategically positioned to explode into a new category of gold company.

We’ve carefully developed a strong foundation through increasing cash flows and gold resources and are well-positioned for explosive growth.

We are increasing test mining and milling volumes, accessing additional test mining areas, increasing cash flow, and strategically conducting exploration activity, with all activities funded primarily from cash flows from operations.

And while cash flows are paving the way for the development of our world-class asset, which minimizes dilution to shareholders and provides the opportunity to deliver maximum value to shareholders, we are also implementing best practices.

Business Strategy

Our future has been carefully strategized by an impressive team of savvy business and technical leaders, utilizing experience gained in the industry, with a history of world-class performance and complete dedication to the company and its success.

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to integrity and transparency. We are committed to maximizing shareholder value and opportunity for employees, consultants, contractors, and the local and area communities.

Company Profile

DynaResource, Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary in Mexico (DynaResource de Mexico SA de CV – “DynaMéxico”) owns 100% of 34 mineral concessions that comprise the San Jose de Gracia historical high-grade gold district.

Experienced Operations

DynaResource and DynaMéxico operate using best practices. The company is managed by veteran business leaders with a history of established success in building strong, profitable operations.

Community Investment

DynaResource and DynaMéxico are strong partners to local communities surrounding SJG. Our presence and leadership at San Jose de Gracia have resulted in significant benefits received by the SJG community: an improved school, a newly constructed hospital, increased business, opportunity for business, and numerous jobs that have been supplied to residents of SJG.

Strategic Exploration

DynaResource uses surface mapping and surface and underground drilling to thoroughly explore the vast San Jose de Gracia district, identify additional areas for test mining expansion, and increase the definition of gold resources, both underground and near-surface deposits.

Sustainable and Maximum Value

DynaResource is committed to minimizing share dilution and maximizing asset valuation, which will provide maximum value and benefit to its shareholders

Frequently Asked Questions

What minerals does DynaResource produce?

DynaResource is test mining and milling precious metal concentrates, primarily gold resources, including some silver, copper, and zinc credits.

To develop, expand production operations, and increase underground and near-surface gold resources at the company’s wholly-owned, prolific, high-grade gold asset in the San Jose de Gracia District.

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