DynaResource Corporate Governance guidelines set forth, uphold, and protect our core values of integrity, honesty, dedication, and best business practices.

Our commitment to respect and fairness for all has enabled us to build trust and loyalty with our business partners, shareholders, employees, contractors, consultants, with the general business community, and with the local community of San Jose de Gracia.

Board of Directors

K.D. Diepholz

K.W. Diepholz
Chairman of the Board,
Chief Executive Officer and Treasurer

Rene L.F. Mladosich


Brent Omland

Independent Director

Dr. Quinton Hennigh

Independent Director

Philip K. Rose

Chairman of the Audit Committee

John C. Wasserman

Independent Director and Audit Committee

Dale G. Petrini

Chairman of the Compensation Committee

This small executive team, fully dedicated to the SJG Project and the DynaResource Company, has led a loyal staff of managers and employees for the company to achieve substantial results. To start an underground mining project with $4M USD is unique and extraordinary; and generating $120 M in Revenue over a seven-year period is commendable. During the same period, the same executive team achieved a 500% increase in test mining and milling output.

In addition to Chairman, CEO and President KD Diepholz, the current members of the Board of Directors of DynaResource add seasoned knowledge and experience to the company and contribute many areas of expertise including engineering, mining, geology, finance, law, environmental and government affairs. The current members of the company’s Board of Directors have achieved world-class successes in their own endeavors.

And most Importantly, all members of the Board of Directors of the company are fully committed to the best interests of the company and with same and singular goal in mind, which is to maximize the value of the company for the benefit of company shareholders.