DynaResource, Inc. is a Junior Resource Company.  

The Company holds 80% of the outstanding shares of “DynaResource de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.”, (“DynaMexico”) which owns 100% of the mineral concessions and related interest to the San Jose de Gracia District (“SJG”) covering approximately 69,133 hectares in Northern Sinaloa Mexico.


COVID-19 Response

Due to the increasing global spread of the COVID-19 virus, the DynaResource Companies have executed an internal plan to ensure employee health and safety as well as minimized disruption to the San Jose de Gracia Project operations.  The company is taking special and careful precautions to avoid sending any person to the San Jose de Gracia Project until they have been properly screened and checked.  Personnel will be screened in local offices in  Guamuchil, Sinaloa, proir to sending to the San Jose de Gracia Project.  The DynaResource Companies are proceeding with a heightened level of awareness for virus-related issues as well as a response plan for quarantine and hygiene.  Corporately,  the DynaResource Companies have implemented a work from home policy and travel freeze initiative to minimize exposure to the virus.


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SJG 09-139 (San Pablo)

5.5 M of 20.51 g/t Au;

Incl. 3.12 M of 34.91 g/t Au; And,

Incl. 1.80 M of 58.05 g/t Au; And,

Incl. .92 M of 104.10 g/t Au.

SJG 10-177 (Tres Amigos)

5.27 M of 19.80 g/t Au;

Incl. 2.92 M of 33.77 g/t Au; And,

Incl. 1.05 M of 52.11 g/t Au;

9.28 M of 7.88 g/t Au;

Incl. 1.43 M of 32.38 g/t Au; And,

Incl. .78 of 50.153 g/t Au.

SJG 10-151 (Tres Amigos)

11.95 M of 14.66 g/t Au;

Incl. 7.82 M of 22.18 g/t Au; And,

Incl. 2.63 M of 63.05 g/t Au; And,

Incl. 1.88 M of 82.31 g/t Au; And,

Incl. .92 of 137.60 g/t Au.