K.D. Diepholz, Chief Executive Officer

Since 2000, the Board is led by Chairman KD Diepholz, who perceived a unique combination of opportunities presented by San Jose de Gracia:

  • The historic, bonanza-grade, + 1M Oz gold production reportedly produced at San Jose de Gracia District, with such production reported prior to the Mexican Revolution.
  • The opportunity to consolidate the Historic District of SJG Under one owner – DynaResource.
  • The vast potential for additional gold resources to be defined at SJG; and
  • Gold prices at US $260 / Oz. were perceived by Mr. Diepholz to be at generational market lows.

Mr. Diepholz has also served DynaResource as CEO, and as President of DynaResource de Mexico. Under the guidance and leadership of our Chairman, CEO and President, Mr. Diepholz, DynaResource has accomplished a world-class position:

  • DynaResource fully acquired the 10 Sq Kilometer District of San Jose de Gracia during 2000 – 2003. San Jose de Gracia contained no known resources in 2000.
  • On December 31, 2012:
  • An underground resource of 1.150 M Oz Au under CND NI 43-101 was reported for SJG.
  • At March 31, 2023:
  • A near surface resource of + 1.05 M Oz. Au Under CND NI 43-101 was reported at SJG.
  • DynaResource has grown revenues from a $4M startup in 2016 to $120 M in revenue from 2016 to 2022:
    • including $39M in revenue in fiscal 2022.

All the while, through the dynamic efforts of Chairman and Chief Executive K.D. Diepholz, the total number of outstanding shares of DynaResource, Inc., on a fully diluted basis, have remained protected and free from major dilutions at 27.5 million common shares outstanding.