K.D. DIEPHOLZ, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Diepholz graduated from Lake Land College with a degree in general communications and business. He later attended Southern Illinois University. In 1984, Mr. Diepholz founded KWD Properties Corporation, a privately held oil and gas exploration company involved in all phases of exploration, development and production; including the negotiation, acquisition and operation of oil & gas properties. During the transition from oil & gas to precious metals, Mr. Diepholz worked extensively in investment and financial planning with American Investment Retirement Corporation and Ideal Securities. In 1992, Mr. Diepholz co-founded Dynacap Group Ltd, a private investment company involved in financing, consulting, mergers and acquisitions. Since 1992, Dynacap Group Ltd. has provided services to technology and resource companies. In 1994, Mr. Diepholz and associated parties acquired DynaResource (formerly “West Coast Mines, Inc.”) and installed a new board of directors. The company’s only asset at that time was 560 acres of wholly owned mining property and real estate in Humboldt County, Winnemucca, Nevada. Mr. Diepholz has been instrumental in the negotiations of: the acquisition of 24.9 % Net Profits Interest in the San José de Gracia in 1995; the acquisition of an additional 25 % interest in San José de Gracia in 1998; the acquisition and consolidation of 100 % of the rights to the San José de Gracia from prior owners, culminating at March, 2000; and, the acquisition and consolidation of several outstanding Concessions at the San José de Gracia from previous Mexican owners during 2000. Mr. Diepholz and Dynacap Group Ltd. have arranged for and provided the funding to the Company since 1994.

Rene L. F. Mladosich , Executive Vice President – Director of Exploration and Resource Development

Mr.  Mladoshich brings over 30 years of direct experience in the mining industry in Mexico to DynaResource.  He worked for Companies such as: Campania Mineras de Cananea, Campania Minera Hecla (Hecla Mining), Campania Minera Pangea (now owned by McEwen Mining), Campania Minera Dolores (Minefinders), Minera Alamos de Sonora, and Campania Minera Pena de Bernal (Starcore International Mines).  Mr. Mladosich has provided consulting services to companies such as Minefinders, Pan American Silver and Scorpio.  Mr. Mladosich is. approved and successful manager in Mexico with experience in the following areas: general management, underground and open pit operations, process plant recovery and optimization, construction, exploration, logistics, permitting, environmental and plant and pit design.

Mr. Mladosich holds a B.S. degree from the University of Sonora, where he was awarded First of the Class six times; and, Mr. Mladosich studied 1 year of metallurgy in the Master’s Degree work Program at the University.  Mr Mladosich speaks fluent Spanish and English and has studied French under the French Embassy Program in Mexico.

Mr. Mladosich was General Manager at SJG from January 2016 – June 2017, and again in October 2019.[/vc_column_text]

BRADFORD J. SAULTER, Vice President – Investor Relations

Prior to joining the Company in 1995, Mr. Saulter was a Regional Manager for Lugar, Lynch & Associates, A Dallas Financial Services Company, Involved in Sales & Marketing; Independent Marketing Consultant; Vice President / Marketing – Dynacap Group Ltd. (1992-Present); Vice President / Investor Relations – DynaResource, Inc., a Junior Public Resource Investment / Development Company, Dallas (1998-Present).

IN MEMORIAL TO: WAYNE C. HENDERSON, Vice President – Mineral Properties

Mr. Henderson accepted the position with DynaResource in 1997 after years of experience in project, process, metallurgical engineering and operations. Mr. Henderson was responsible during his career for feasibility engineering, mine and project planning, mining concentrating, smelting and refining operations for major mining companies including: Bethlehem Steel, Inland Steel, Kennecott Copper, Mobil Oil, SOHIO, BP and U.S. Gold. He was the Chief Process Engineer of the Kennecott Gold Company and Vice President of Operations for Calmet, Inc. In addition, Mr. Henderson has performed consulting assignments for Homestake, Newmont, AMAX Gold, Phelps Dodge, Sutter Gold, U.S. Energy, Placer Dome, Santa Fe Mining, FMC, Ashanti, Teberebie Gold and Cominco. He has worked on projects in the United States and Internationally, including: Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Austria, South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique and the Philippines. Most recently Mr. Henderson has held Senior Engineering and Management Positions for Norwest, Brown & Root Engineering and Lockwood Greene Engineering. He has a B.S. Ch. E. from University of Maryland and a M.S. Ch. E. from Lehigh University. As a Ph. D. candidate in Chemical Engineering at Lehigh University, he was awarded a National Science Foundation Fellowship to pursue his graduate education.

Legal Counsel

US Securities Counsel – Scheef & Stone L.L.P. (Roger Crabb); Dallas, Texas

Canadian Securities Counsel – Northwest Law Group (Alan Finlayson); Vancouver, B.C.

Mexican Legal Agent – Luis Perez de Acha and Associates; Mexico City, Mexico