DynaResource, Inc. News Release January 28, 2016: DynaResource, Inc. Reports Additional Gold Production at San Jose de Gracia
January 28, 2016
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February 5, 2016

DynaResource, Inc. News Release February 4, 2016: DynaResource, Inc. Appoints Mr. Rene L.F. Mladoxich as General Manager of the San Jose de Gracia Project

Irving, Texas (February 4, 2016) OTCQB: DYNR–DynaResource, Inc. (“DynaUSA”, and “the Company”) is pleased to announce that it has approved the appointment of Mr. Rene L.F. Mladosich as General Manager of the San Jose de Gràcia Project, effective February 1, 2016. Mr. Mladosich brings over 30 years of direct experience in the mining industry in México to DynaResource. He has worked for Companies such as: Campania Mineras de Cananea, Campania Minera Hecla (Hecla Mining), Campania Minera Pangea (now owed by McEwen Mining), Campania Minera Dolores (Minefinders), Minera Alamos de Sonora, and Campania Minera Pena de Bernal (Starcore International Mines). Mr. Mladosich has also provided consulting services to companies such as Minefinders, Pan American Silver and Scorpio.

Mr. Mladosich is a proven and successful manager in México with experience in the following areas: general management, underground and open pit operations, process plant recovery and optimization, construction, exploration, logistics, permitting, environmental, and plant and pit design.

Mr. Mladosich holds a B.S. degree from the University of Sonora, where he was awarded First of the Class 6 times; and, Mr. Mladosich studied 1 year of metallurgy in the Master’s Degree work program at the University. Mr. Mladosich speaks fluent Spanish and English, and has studied French under the French Embassy Program in México.

Mr. K.D. Diepholz, Chairman/CEO of DynaUSA said; “Mr. Mladosich brings a direct and hands on approach; which is a perfect fit for DynaResource and its current activities at San Jose de Gràcia. Rene will be the on-site leader of the operations and project development at the San Jose de Gràcia Project (“SJG”), under Mineras de DynaResource S.A. de C.V. (“DynaMineras”), the exclusive operating entity at SJG. Future development is projected to include an expansion of the current underground mining and pilot production activities, and is expected to include DynaMineras’ accomplishing of a preliminary economic assessment report, scoping study, or similar, which report will be expected to support the project financing of the possible open pit production at SJG.

Further, Rene is joining DynaResource at an optimum time; where he can lead and manage the day to day test mining and milling operations, and where he can lead the expansion of those activities, and he can direct the near term increase in test mining and pilot production volumes and output. I’m looking forward to working directly with Rene, and with our team of managers and personnel in México; and together we have established the goal of increasing the volume of current operations to 200 tons per day by June 30, 2016. I am confident Rene can lead our team on the ground towards accomplishing our targets. And, I am delighted to welcome Rene to the DynaResource Companies.”

Mr. Mladosich said: “The DynaResource Companies and the SJG Project, offer a unique and substantial opportunity for the development of a first-class mining company. I am excited to join a very talented professional and management team already in place at the DynaResource Companies, in both the US and México. The SJG mine and plant teams include knowledgeable and experienced mining engineers, geologists, plant processing and lab personnel who exhibit the expertise and experience to operate mines and develop mineral deposits. I am looking forward to providing the on-site leadership and guidance for the DynaResource Companies, in order to develop and expand the SJG Project into a world class property.

Further, in the short term, I will be focused on increasing production volumes and outputs to a projected target of 200 tons per day by June 30, 2016, and I am confident we can accomplish our goals. I am excited to join the DynaResource team, and I look forward to working with Mr. Diepholz and the executive managers and personnel of the Company; I can foresee a long term and significant professional opportunity within the DynaResource group of companies.”